I A M what happens next

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Become a chemist! Be inventive! Gain the confidence she desires! Learn how to read her! Take the time to learn all you can about how her sexual anatomy and how it functions.  All women differ emotionally but they are very close anatomically.  Fine-tune your skills to your specific lover and to that lover’s mood and desires for that particular moment. 


You can learn how to meet a wide range of desires by paying close attention to her and doing the work. This will allow you to be the lover she wants you to be. If you are lazy you are going to be lonely.  So many men refuse to do the work and waste years of their lives missing out on incredible intimacy. Do not let that be you! She is worth it!!!


Skill development and technique will give you confidence. It’s true that confidence is the sexiest trait you can have. When your lovers start responding with enthusiasm and praise you will truly feel like the sex god you’ve always wanted to be.  Women you don't know will start to see you that way, they sense it!


Bonus tip: keep a nail file on hand, and always go into intimate moments with smooth, short rounded fingernails.  Keep yourself manscaped.  Your penis will appear longer and more appealing to her.


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