results from real I A M Clients

"Steve can be very demanding and at times an ass hole, but trust me when I say he knows what he's doing. I doubted him and resisted him every step of the way and he was always right. He is truly the master and you would benefit from his training. Consider yourself very fortunate to be starting your training and becoming one of the extremely elite."

- Tortuga

"Our marriage was suffering intimately and Steve helped is build his confidence through skills and knowledge into being a  better giver and giving me orgasms he was never able to do. Steve is truly amazing.”


- Gail

"Mr Steve let me in on his secret while I was away from home fishing. I put in the time and practiced his techniques on my off time. A few weeks later I was pretty excited to get back home and try out my new talents. My girlfriend of 3 years was extremely surprised the first time I tried it. After that we have to plan a little extra foreplay time in before she goes to work. I am definitely the favorite toy in the toy box now and I guarantee if you put in the time to get your muscle memory down, you will be too."

- Alabama Mike

"Fresh out of a relationship that lacked inspiring sex, Steve helped guide me into a different way of thinking about intimacy, he passed along his training techniques and now I'm seeing somebody new who is definitely feeling overwhelmed by my abilities."


"Dear Steve,  You've opened a world to me which I never knew existed. I now understand how to provide an intimacy so fulfilling it's as if I have a power to give an experience which can not be given by others.   You've helped me rediscover the swagger and confidence beyond what I've ever had before.   My debt is gratitude as there is no way I could adequately repay you."  


Sincerely,  600 LPM

"I have always done well with women in the past, But not always succeeding in getting my partner to orgasm. After working on my techniques that Steve taught me and a few ladies later, I can't get them to leave me alone.

Thanks much Steve”

- Wayne