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"You can have intimacy without love, but you cannot have true love without intimacy."  This is the hard truth I have been teaching men for over a decade based on my experience with couples. I created I A M at the encouragement of friends to help men realize this and understand that ALL women seek an Intimate connection to a mate male or female.


Sex for women is seldom a physical act (unless acting) and can be uninspiring or even negative without establishing an intimate connection. Conversely being simple beasts men seek sex.  Sex is part of the intimacy equation but by no means think it is all of it.


The purpose of the I A M isn't to belittle or shame you.  You may have to fight your ego a little and admit possibly a few things to yourself but I promise you that you will recover and be a better man for it.

What is Intimacy to Women?

Intimacy involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectivity with another person. Intimate relationships are often characterized by attitudes of mutual trust, caring, and acceptance. Our sexual activities can take place with others where there can be varying degrees of intimacy.  So work on your skills, increase your knowledge and use both to help establish a stronger intimate connection with her.

what do we really know ?

Articles in Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan DO NOT address the real issue which is men lacking usable knowledge of female sexual anatomy and lacking of fine motor skills to compete with the billion dollar sex toy market.

Take this free I A M Practice Exam!
What is the females largest erogenous zone?
a:  clitoris
b:  nipples
c:  lips
d:  brain
What action will inspire sex most?
a:  showing your erection
b:  loading the Wood Box
c:  remembering a Milestone
d:  asking for sex
Your partner should always orgasm before you at least once?
a:  True
b:  False
Where is a females most sensitive erogenous location?
a: the clitoris
b: the g-spot
c: the p-spot
d the mall
What are the function of the female Bartholin's Glands?
a:  to lubricate her naturally
b: to cause sweat
c: ejaculate
d: gag reflex
All females have a g-spot?
a: True
b; False
What bodily fluid system handles ALL a females clear fluids like
sweat, tears and ejaculate (aka squirt)
a:  circulatory
b:  limbic
c:  lymphatic
d:  orgasmic
Where is the location of a females g-spot?
a: deep in vagina
b: above the Opening Exterior
c: bottom of Opening
d: top wall two knuckles in the vagina
What is the males most valuable appendage according to women?
a: fingers
b: penis
c: lips
d: tongue
How many orgasms should a female partner have to your one?
a: 1
b: 2-4
c: 4+
d none
Answers at bottom of "female sexual anatomy" page.