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What is intimacy to Men ?

Intimacy is a foreign word to the majority of men. It's often confused by men as being just another word for "sex".  Men do not need an intimate connection to inspire sex. Men can base a decision for having sex on very few criteria. The first is "visual". Men are 100% visually stimulated.  Second is "risk". Men evaluate briefly but with little to no concern as to the downside of engaging in sex. The third is the "exit strategy".  Men sadly also consider their way out on their way in as a factor for continuing in.  Also, known as the hook-up culture.

Changing the mindset of men regarding intimacy is a monumental task. It's one goal of the I A M to do so.  The real intimate connection women desire requires this shift in mindset. 

what do we really know ?

Articles in Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan DO NOT address the real issue which is men lacking usable knowledge of female sexual anatomy and lacking of fine motor skills to compete with the billion dollar sex toy market.

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