Cuchara technique

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Results you can expect after 20-30 days of Cuchara  training shown here in real-time, NO CAMERA TRICKS!!!


Simply moving your tongue for 5 seconds fast is not impressing any women. Anybody can do that.  It's like sprinting. Everyone can sprint for a few seconds. It's the speed and endurance that women will find attractive and "value". This is like being able to run a 50k with your tongue. So don't make the same mistake as most men and see the video and "think" you are all set.

Women are for the most part addicted to speed and consistent rhythm (cadence) in part from the billion- dollar toy market.  So for you to compete with the skin like vibes out there you need to train to be one. 


The video on this page is the founder at 13 licks a second. This point of training is called "Mastery". You will only graduate from the I A M when you can prove mastery with a full 1-minute video of consistent  perfect cadence work.

That is correct, you just read 13 licks in one second!!! Watch the slow motion video at the end.

With circle breathing techniques that you will learn from the program, it's possible to maintain that pace or cadence for minutes or hours if needed.

Crucial to your success is making contact with the spoon on both the up and down strokes while utilizing breathing techniques.

Results are Real  and Attainable, if you do the work.