I A M  putting it all together

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I would like to be able to tell you that when you get to the point where you can lick the spoon 580 licks per minute and move on to her body, you will be all set. To be honest you will be 76% there.


The tongue and finger training technique is real—it works for 100% of the people I’ve shared it with. Mastering Cuchara you will become her favorite toy in the drawer. Your tongue will move at the apparent speed of a hummingbird’s wings all over the erogenous zones of her body, When she feels this on her lips, nipples and most of all on her clit, she will not believe the sensations that this technique provides coming from YOU.


There is more.


Learn to read your mate. When you are with her sexually, give all your attention to her and nowhere else.  Get to know her body and know what gives her pleasure. This is a real text from a real mate of mine: "You know what makes me tick, and burn, and desire, and melt.  That makes me feel sexy, and feel that I can be uninhibited with you.” This level of mutual trust and confidence is the foundation of intimacy.


Becoming an actual amazing giver of pleasure  has its rewards. If she’s pleased, there is no way she will let your needs go unmet. You will inspire her.


The most satisfaction I have had since creating I A M has been empowering women who thought something was wrong or broken in their bodies. Once a woman realizes that she is capable of surrendering to orgasm with you in control it can get very emotional.  She will feel appreciative towards you for liberating her from a possible lifetime of frustration and worry. Honor that appreciation by reciprocating it. Few men have ever felt the intensity that comes from giving pleasure in this way and having it gratefully received. This is the foundation for real intimacy.  When you can give her something she can’t give herself, a very strong bond forms.

Many times I've heard women tell me from their bad marriages or relationships that there is no "chemistry". There is this biggest misnomer that has I guess been seared into them that either chemistry is there or it's not.  What they are really referring to is your lack of "intimate" knowledge of female sexual anatomy and in that moment her.


You must stay the course and continue to DO THE WORK!  In the nearly 14 years since I created I A M bad or no chemistry has never been a factor.  ALL students have felt great "chemistry" and feel that it’s the best in their entire adult lives. This goes for every single person who' s completed the I A M program.