I A M  intro

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Welcome to I A M program. Sit down and prepare for some amazing insight into a world the majority of men have never known. I’ve been working one-on-one with men for over a decade.  I’ve found that direct language helps with men stay focused and focus results in success.


You will not find this level of easy to understand learning when it comes to pleasing the women we care about. As men, we tend to look at the picture on the box versus reading the "instruction's" included.  In the case of women, it's just not possible unless you are in porn where its all ACTING. Please give serious time and attention to the "female sexual anatomy" page of this program. 

 It doesn't matter how much you think you know or how amazing you think you are in bed, there is always room for improvement.  If you think you’re "all set" as so many considering the program while their partner is sleeping in a separate bedroom. If you believe that a few minutes of penetration will get her there, trust me, continue reading. Right now she’s likely getting herself off with a chunk of latex, AA battery operated toys or the Uber Eats driver.  It's easy to stray, harder to stay.  Be the real change she desperately needs. 


I A M grads offer much more over the average man. The average man sets the bar so low that it makes we do seem miraculous.  It will be incredibly difficult for a female to let go of an I A M graduate.

As you read  this website there isn’t anybody around to judge you, Nobody to impress, and no shame in admitting you need help or struggle with intimacy. You can stop looking for a real solution.  It's all right here at the Intimacy Academy for Men. Please read all the content presented here.

The most difficult to explain IS the results you will achieve. You simply have to do the work and a few months into it, things will click, you will arrive at the moment when all the I A M graduates realize just how worth all the attention and training was.  She will thank you and tell you after sex, "that was amazing."  Again, the "testimonials" on the site are real.

Come back to this material often. It only resides here, and it’s here FREE to help you.