getting started fingers

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You can also train yourself to maintain speed and consistency with your fingers by brushing a spoon in both directions at a fast pace. I call this "banjo fingers".  Practice with pointer, middle and ring fingers to start both flicker and swirl patterns. Advanced practice using your thumbs and knuckles as well. Adjust pressure and tempo as you go. This practice gives you added sensitivity in your finger tips. Sensitivity helps you read your level of pressure to offer the most pleasure to her. Read her body language.  Always as with the tongue striking the spoon on the "upstroke" and "down stroke."


The head of your penis is likely the softest and smoothest appendage you have. You can use it flaccid or erect to practice on a plastic spoon in bed or while in the shower. When she feels the head of your penis vibrating across her clit, lips or nipples at 10 touches per second she will explode.