getting started tongue

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The core of Cuchara is training your tongue to move at a rapid, rhythmic pace that can be used to enhance stimulation of any erogenous zone.


To see the basic skill in action, watch the video to the right. The last part of the video has been slowed down so you can see the contact being made on the up and down strokes.


Now try it yourself.

  1. Grab a spoon.

  2. Pinch the bottom of the spoon between your thumb and forefinger, facing you.

  3. Hold the spoon close to your mouth and extend the tongue to meet it.

  4. Brush the curve of the spoon with the tongue on BOTH the upstroke and down-stroke. (The down-stroke is just a critical as the upstroke.

  5. As you start to work up to faster and faster tongue movements, maintain slow and even breathing through the mouth, inhaling and exhaling without breaking the rhythm of the tongue.  

  6. Use music to establish rhythm as you progress. I recommend rock to start with 4/4 tempo and building into a bluegrass or Celtic fiddle or banjo music later in training.

  7. Purchase a box of spoons and keep them handy. On the visor in the car, tv stand, nightstand and so on.  Training or practice can be done while walking or hiking.