I A M for him

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It matters not how successful or well educated you are it is likely you are not spending enough time or effort learning how to be an amazing giver. Society leads us to believe that money and power are what women find most attractive. It couldn't be further from the truth. They care more about confidence in the bedroom. Confidence achieved through knowledge and skill.  A mate's ability to relieve them from all the stresses of their daily lives and blast off into a physical and emotional place they can't achieve themselves. 

During our teens and 20's no one knows better. Fast forward to women over 30 who are looking for their worlds to be rocked. There’s so much more to it than a few pumps of penetration. If you think you are great and not having hardly any sex with your partner but cruising craigslist, Kik, and dating apps to get a new opinion of yourself,  eventually these women too will be underwhelmed by you.  Spend your time and energy here and apply what you learn and skills to the woman who is still trying to love you.

Chances are you never really learned what’s happening in and around the vagina.  If you are one of the millions of guys who talk about the "g-spot" without knowing exactly what and where it is I beg you for her sake check the ego at the door and learn with I A M.

I have consulted on many failing relationships due to intimacy problems.  In nearly every case it's mostly men that are the problem. The lack of basic knowledge and lack of caring to learn tests her patience.  It is at this point when women actually tend to stray. Knowledge will give you confidence and confidence will give you success.

I A M program and Cuchara isn’t rocket science but there is some science and basic principles to learning. With just a little focus you’ll know way more than other men and she will sense it in you. So will women you don't even know!


What will it be like when your partner experiences the results of I A M training for the first time?  It's the most difficult thing to explain. Imagine for her like stepping out of a VW bug and taking a few steps and getting back into a Porsche.  Doing the work will allow you to experience this for yourself.    Intimate life together will never be the same.  Access the "learn her now" pages now, spend the time and learn how to be an amazing giver.  

-- Steve