I A M  for her

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Ladies, listen up. We do not have to settle for bad sex. 

​Are you going through the motions in bed? Do you feel like making love is a chore? Do you fantasize about a sexual relationship with spark and intensity?  Do you crave orgasms beyond the ones you can give yourself?  Are you tired of trying to guide your partner to what sets you on fire?

I’ve been there.  After fifteen years of marriage, I completely lacked intimacy with my husband, and I was desperate for things to change.

A few years later, separated, I reconnected with Steve, my elementary school sweetheart, by chance.  We met at a hotel for a playful afternoon, with a mission of ending my celibacy streak: our situations were complicated, and any meaningful relationship seemed nearly impossible, but we wanted to have fun.  

I could not have anticipated what Steve had in store for me. For the first time in my life, despite being an "alpha" female, I was able to surrender and let someone else take control of my body.  That first afternoon with Steve in a hotel room opened my sexual world and fulfilled my fantasies in nearly inexplicable ways.

The fact is, when a lover puts enthusiastic, confident effort into giving you oral sex, there is nothing like it. The transformation won’t come solely from the techniques your partner will learn from Steve: the specific finger and tongue skills are amazing, but the sexual intimacy and trust they’ll help create are immeasurable. With I A M your lover will learn to read your body and tune into your pleasure, which in turn will empower both of you to do all kinds of sexual exploring together. That is the magic and the power of I A M and Cuchara.

As someone who lives with Steve, I know that no woman has to put up with anything less than a fully satisfying sex life.

If your partner is not secure enough to look at the content do it with them.  When they read the content and follow the simple instructions, you’ll know they’re committed to your pleasure.  And if they don’t?  I suggest considering letting them go.  If the intimacy and chemistry you share with your partner are out of this world, then dirty dishes, whiny kids, and the underwear in the middle of the floor don't matter so much.  You’ll handle all life throws at you with a smile, knowing that you get an ecstatic trip to the moon and back on a regular basis.

-- Steve's Wife