I A M applying your skills

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Women's physical response to stimulation is somewhat involuntary.  By nature her body has a response preparing her for intimacy.  I call this set of primal cause-and-effect responses "the code."  Learning this "code" with a female you desire is not impossible, especially with the skills and knowledge you should have now. As you grow together harmoniously as a couple, you will discover new lines of code for one another.


Women's bodies are all built the same. Physical differences like size, blood flow and nerve endings play into her level of physical  arousal for sure. Learning these subtle differences is key to your success from partner to partner. Do not assume the same action will give the same result across different partners.  It is good to use what you now know about her anatomy as a starting point and make minor adjustments as you go based on her feedback or body response.


I recommend being suggestive with your lover. Stimulate her mind and her Bartholin's Glands often. Tease her simply by showing her your skills on a spoon at the ice cream stand.  If you have established an intimate connection you could apply very light flicks to her earlobes, different places on her lips, neck, collar bone, nipples, navel or even go right after the clitoris.  She will be amazed by these new amazing sensations and trust you to keep taking her deeper out of her head and into her body.


My advice is to take everything slow and enjoy it. She will enjoy it more that way.  Rushing isn’t sexy. Slow is sensual, erotic and builds comfort and trust.