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I am Steve the founder of the Intimacy Academy for Men.  Please take or make time to read through these pages, they will change your intimate life forever.  The site is no more than a half-hour of reading. If you cannot commit to that for the woman you desire then there is nothing I can do for her or you.


Basically terrified becoming single after 10 years of marriage I knew my life needed to change.  I didn't have a clue regarding women. It was at that moment I decided to take my very own Engineering approach to intimacy and female pleasure.


I studied how every last duct and gland functions and how all the physical elements of a woman function together with the female Limbic System surrounding the brain.


Like most egocentric males thought I knew everything. My massive ego fooled me very well. The reality was I knew about 10%.  After taking 18 months of study and truly understand my sex life improved by 90%. 

The result was a full debunking of almost all of the intimate mysteries men and women face (see 'learn her now' pages). You will not believe how much more there is to know. You will not believe how much you 'DON"T know.


During my research period in 2006, I also discovered/invented/created the Cuchara (spanish for spoon) Mastery Training Program. It's not the lightbulb, but ask a female over 18 what's a more important of an invention.


As you will see in the video below, 13-16 licks per second seems superhuman. Cuchara Mastery Training unlike any other training technique known to man utilizes contact with the spoon on the upstroke (or direction) and the downstroke (or direction).  Add to that a circle breathing technique that allows you to keep speed and cadence for extended periods of time.


Tap musical notes on video for music. The music is solely to prove no camera tricks or video advances were used. As you will learn music is also a great tool for building rhythm and speed.






The Cuchara Mastery Program teaches fine motor skill training for the tongue and fingers.  A focused repetitive motion exercise routine. After my training at sea for 84 days, I had instant results with my partner. It wasn’t until I started sharing this knowledge and tongue mastery techniques with others I realized just how amazing this discovery was. 


Unless you train with Cuchara you will not learn how to lick on the "downstroke". ONLY  I A M clients possess this rare and highly desirable talent.  You will also never achieve the Mastery speed of 13 licks per second skipping the downstroke.  It's not physically possible. If you haven't figured it out, this sensation on her erogenous girl parts with blow her mind and yours!


A simple plastic spoon is the perfect "feedback" device for this type of training. Anyone male or female is capable of achieving tongue mastery in 20-30 days of focused training. The 'practice' regimen will be explained later.


I know many are thinking you are "all set" in that department.  Most men do. Unless she is begging you daily to go down on her chances are it's just your own opinion of yourself.  Women aren't aware of what they are missing until they have experienced a Mastery level giver.  Do you think they would ever go back to mediocre???


Why do I need this?

Would you jump in a small airplane and attempt to take off with almost no training or instruction?  Just sort of "wing it"? Try to see jumping into bed with a female the same way. First, you need to fully understand the machine. How not just some of it works, but all of it. Second, you have to be able to listen and feel the feedback from the controls. If you don't? Crash and Burn.

The majority of men have not had clear and relatable coaching regarding women's pleasure. Health classes in schools and colleges merely scratch the sad and cliche surface.  Unfortunately, this sends the majority of the male population out into the world of intimacy with not nearly the skills or knowledge they should possess. You can change all that here.


Women over 30 expect more and get less.  Some quotes from women over the last 14 years.  "He doesn't have a clue." "He rushes!" "Pays zero attention to my body language." "He finds the right spot and loses it, this becomes annoying and I don't want to do it anymore." Please do not be this guy! Be bigger and admit to shortcomings.

In the 'learn her now' pages you will learn about how her sexual anatomy functions and developing a full understanding is crucial to providing mind-blowing pleasure. Ask yourself before you leave this site!!! Do I know what her Bartholin's Glands are in the diagram below? Do you know what their purpose is? If the answer is "NO" then please read on.





The program will guide you through the process.  The core of I A M is simply developing a new greatly improved knowledge of female sexual anatomy combined with newly-developed fine motor skills for the tongue and fingers. The right techniques applied to known erogenous zones can provide a mind-blowing experience for the female in your life.


 I A M content is FREE  and in relatable terms. I promise to stay on topic and present you the information in as simple a form as possible focusing on the basic anatomical knowledge and proven techniques needed to provide intense climaxes for your sexual partners.